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Freedom Class

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Galatians 5:1

Freedom is the lifelong journey of the believer. The moment we are saved, we are given the gift of eternal freedom in Christ, but the process of learning to live in that freedom is one that takes a lifetime. Here at FLC, there are a few ways that we’re all growing in freedom together:

Freedom Class

Freedom Class is a 13 week group experience focused on three essential elements of living in the freedom that Jesus died to give you:

  1. Viewing God from the proper perspective.
  2. Identifying things in your life that are holding you back.
  3. Allowing the Holy Spirit to bring healing and empowerment to live free.

Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life, or are just starting your journey of faith, Freedom Class is for you. Freedom Classes semesters are held twice per year, beginning in September and February. The 13 week course ends with the Freedom Conference, a weekend experience unlike any other.

For more information on Freedom Course, you can follow this link to Church of the Highlands, who developed and introduced our church to this powerful curriculum.

Small Groups

The Freedom Life is lived in community. Connect Groups are a vital part of living free because that’s where we Connect, Care, and Grow together. From the earliest days of the Church, believers have gathered together in homes to share life together, help each other through difficult seasons, and challenge one another in our pursuit of Christ.

FLC Groups are welcoming, Christ-centered, informal, gatherings that happen weekly or biweekly in homes throughout our region. If you ask people what their FLC connect group experience has been like, you’ll hear things like: refreshing, encouraging, challenging, fun, and inspirational. And best of all, there’s a place for you!

For more information on Connect Groups, please head to our Groups page. 

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