Life at FLC

Freedom Care

Short-term support for spiritual and emotional needs.

Freedom Care exists to help you live in the freedom that Christ died to give you, with peace and joy in spirit, soul, and body.

We provide lay counseling, support groups, mentorship, and various training classes, all geared towards helping you grow in the midst of life’s difficult seasons. Our focus is on short-term support, and we make appropriate referrals whenever a need exceeds the scope of what we can provide. All of our Freedom Care volunteers are passionate about meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of people in our church family. As such, no fees are charged.


How Freedom Care Can Help

  • Lay counseling and support for those facing a life crisis or emotional/spiritual problems.
  • Guidance and growth in times of transition
  • Walking through anxiety, depression, finances/job stress, marital/family conflict, crisis of faith, broken relationships, etc.
  • Referrals to professionals or appropriate agencies for those who may seek or need further help.

More about Freedom Care

Freedom Care lay counselors are trained volunteers under the direction and general supervision of the pastors and elders of Freedom Life Church. All counseling and support sessions will be kept confidential, unless there is a danger to the safety and/or spiritual  well-being of FLC. At the conclusion of the initial care, Freedom Care will do our best to assist with any needed transition to ongoing support with appropriate professional and/or government resources.

Support Groups

All of us go through seasons where we need a little extra help to get past a difficult time or situation in life. If you find yourself in that place today, there’s a place for you here.

We host two well-known support groups here at FLC, called Celebrate Recover and Griefshare. Click here for more information on either program, or to join one of the local groups meeting right here at FLC.