Small Groups

Find Your People

Small Groups are a vital part of life here at FLC, where we Connect, Care, and Grow together. From the earliest days of the Church, believers have gathered together in homes to share life together, help each other through difficult seasons, and challenge one another in our pursuit of Christ.


We have multiple Small Group semesters throughout the year, when members of our church family from across the region open their homes to host groups. If you ask people what their FLC connect group experience has been like, you’ll hear things like: refreshing, encouraging, challenging, fun, and inspirational. And best of all, there’s a place for you!


Good news, you’re perfect for the job!

Leading a group at FLC is simple, and we have just a few requirements to ensure that all groups fit the goal of being Christ-centered, welcoming, and safe. To learn more about leading a Small Group, please click here. Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch soon.